Free In-Plant Training and Internship Call & Register Now 9003670809,9629568909    Certified Courses Android,Python,PHP,Dotnet,Java,NS2,IOT with Affordable Price    Real-time Project Development Training Provided & Students Own Project Topics Also Acceptable  
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 Free In-Plant Training and Internship Call & Register Now 9003670809,9629568909

 Certified Courses Android,Python,PHP,Dotnet,Java,NS2,IOT with Affordable Price

 Real-time Project Development Training Provided & Students Own Project Topics Also Acceptable

 Internship Program For MCA,MSc Students

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SEATTLE Technologies

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Seattle Technologies: Project Developers and Trainners

established in 2008, has been actively involved in the development of Customized Software for various clients since its inception and also has its presence strongly felt in the areas of Training and Consulting.

  Our software development strives to develop innovative software that meets customer needs. A team of developed with exclusive educational background and excellent computing skills exert their maximum efforts and endeavors to satisfy the specialized requirement of our esteemed clients. Our expertise and vast exposure qualifies us in developing software in Information Systems, Web Based Applications, Internet Solutions, Web Page Designing and Hosting. Our team consists of expertise in Java, VC++, VB, Oracle and all Internet Application Development Tools.

Our Specialization.

   State of the art infrastructure.
   Training provided by dedicated & experienced staffs.
   Real time project based training with cutting edge tools.
   Current year IEEE,ACM research paper based project training.
   Shape12 concept implementation.
   Placement Training Given by Corporate professionals.
   Certificate of proficiency.
   Free In-Plant training.
   Exclusive demonstration.
   Interview preparatory sessions.
   Personality development.
   Providing placement assistance.
   International standard course material.

  We are providing the projects with training in various domains.

Mobile Computing
Network Security
Data Mining
Neural Network
Latest Recent Projects

 Big Data

 Cloud Computing

 Data Mining


 Information Security

 Image Processing


 Software Engineering

 Mobile Computing

 Distributed Networks

Latest IEEE Projects

 Captcha As Graphical Passwords—A New Security Primitive Based On Hard Ai Problems

 Cloud data security against Keylogging-resistant Visual Authentication Protocols

 A hybrid approach for effective travel package recommendation system

 Enabling Public Auditability and Data Dynamics for Storage Security in Cloud Computing

 Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users In Anonymizing Networks

 Data Leakage Detection

 A Web Search Engine-Based Approach To Measure Semantic Similarity Between Words

 Efficient Techniques For Online Record Linkage

 Channel-Aware Routing In MANET’s With Route Handoff

 Security Games For Vehicular Networks

 Shiftflow:Dense Correspondance Across Scenes And Its Applications

 Cloudtps: Scalable Transactions For Web Applications In The Cloud

 Enabling Public Auditability And Data Dynamics For Storage Security In Cloud Computing

 Software Module Clustering As A Multi-Objective Search Problem

 Scheduling Grid Tasks In Face Of Uncertain Communication Demands

 Compressing Network Access Control Lists

 Fast And Cost-Effective Online Load-Balancing In Distributed Range- Queriable Systems

 Flexible Robust Group Key Agreement

 Symmetric Key Approaches To Securing BGP-A Little Bit Trust Is Enough

 Replica Placement For Route Diversity In Tree-Based Routing Distributed Hash Tables

 Ritas: Services For Randomized Intrusion Tolerance

 Prime Byzantine Replication Under Attack

 A New Steganographic Method Based On Information Sharing Via PNG Images

 Blind Authentication: A Secure Crypto-Biometric Verification Protocol

 A Puzzle-Based Defense Strategy Against Flooding Attacks Using Game Theory

 Step Construction Of Visual Cryptography Schemes

 The Design Of A Generic Intrusion Tolerant Architecture For Web Servers

 Mining Group Movement Patterns For Tracking Moving Objects Efficiently

 Optimizing Resource Conflicts In Workflow Management Systems

 Extended Xml Tree Pattern Matching: Theories And Algorithms

 Improving Application Placement For Cluster Based Web Application

 Harvesting Image Databases From The Web

 Record Matching Over Query Result From Multiple Web Databases

 Fivatech: Page-Level Web Data Extraction From Template Pages

 Fast Query Point Movement Techniques For Large Cbir Systems

 A Policy Enforcing Mechanism For Trusted Ad Hoc Networks

 Mabs: Multicast Authentication Based On Batch Signature

 PSF Estimation Via Gradient Domain Correlation

 Generic Lossless Visible Watermarking—A New Approach

 Educloud: Paas Versus Iaas Cloud Usage For An Advanced Computer Science Course

 Optimal Service Pricing For A Cloud Cache

 Abacs: An Attribute Based Access Control System For Emergency Services Over Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

 Enhancing Privacy And Authorization Control Scalability In The Grid Through Ontologies

 Adaptive Task Checkpointing And Replication: Toward Efficient Fault-Tolerant Grids

 Self-Reconfigurable Wireless Mesh Networks

 + more than 100 IEEE 2019 Titles

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